Welcoming back the Africa Expedition

Posted from Sint Odiliënberg, Limburg, The Netherlands.

Suddenly we were home. After slowly driving through Europe for a week, we arrived back right into a welcome-home party complete with flags, banners, loud music and lots of people. A storm of emotional reunions, congratulations, handshaking, gifts, family, friends, more congratulations and questions met us. It’s somewhat unreal to be home after spending over a year on the road. After our departure I wrote: “you don’t immediately take it in that our departure has become a reality, instead of the dream we had planned over the past few months; something that carries such weight and with so many implications takes several days to sink in.” It was the same here, accompanied by mixed feelings of our adventurous lifestyle ending (for a little while) and sheer happiness to have made it and be home. An abundance of food and drink was waiting for us and our guests.

We would like to thank everyone who played a part in our expedition in any way. Whether it was a friendly email from time to time or as a sponsor or fellow traveller keeping us sane, without your support what we have achieved would not have been possible. Thank you.

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