Many people contact us with questions about overlanding: about visas, experiences during the trip, bureaucracy, general tips & advice, routes, connections and lots of other topics. We have tried to answer as many questions as we can, but it has started to take up a lot of our time. We have therefore decided to offer our advice in return for a small fee. This means that people can ask us about stuff they can’t find elsewhere (for example, our articles, the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum, the Horizons Unlimited forum or some of the websites of other overlanders).

What can you offer advice on?

You can ask us anything: we have been to 32 different African nations, got all the visas, travelled on a lot of the most commonly used roads and have connections in virtually every country. We know what not to miss, and we know what to avoid. We adapted our own overland vehicle, a Land Rover, from scratch and learned how to make simple repairs to it. We can tell you what equipment you may actually use, and what just looks cool on your vehicle. We have experienced most of Africa, and have an endless amount of stories to tell. If we don’t have a piece of information we will check with some of the other overlanders we keep in touch with, or refer you to other sources of information.

How does it work?

Just send us an email on with your question(s) or topics, and then we’ll schedule a call or Skype meeting. It’ll take a lot more time to write down all the information, so just speaking about it is a lot more efficient. Please note, we schedule calls at our convenience, make no guarantees with respect to the information we provide, and international calls are at your expense. We know that all overlanders have a limited budget, so we charge just € 25 per hour, with a minimum charge of one hour. You’ll earn this back in no-time, because on the road information is everything: get your visa in Aswan rather than Cairo then it’s $50 cheaper; use a particular strategy to deal with corruption so you never have to pay; or come-up with a good maintenance schedule so you don’t get stranded somewhere.