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Here you will find information about our kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, pharmacy etc. In other words, our Land Rover Defender 110 300TDi from the year 1996.

10 most frequently asked questions


Posted from Mwanza, Mwanza, Tanzania.

About a year ago I posted a poll on the website asking people how far they thought we would get on our journey around Africa. Many replied, about 63 in total, some of whom thought that we wouldn’t even make it out of Europe! As I write this, we’ve been on the road for well over a hundred days, travelled nearly 19,000 kilometres and have reached Tanzania following what has not always been the easiest route. Many people have now started asking us the same questions, and so I decided to make a list of the top 10. Lees meer »

Graduate, prepare & drive (through Libya)

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route via LibiëWe are not on our way yet, but our route is now clear: we’ll drive to Italy, take the ferry to Tunisia, and then go through Libya to Egypt. This means that in a few weeks time we hope to travel through the French Rivièra and the Italian boot on our way to Trapani, from where we’ll cross to Tunis (Tunisia). However, currently, we are still in the process of graduating from Business School Notenboom, because we want to start our expedition with two Bachelor degrees in our respective pockets.


The unrest in Northern Africa and the Middle East was troubling us over a year ago; on the 15th March, I wrote an article about the Gaddafi problem. This ruthless autocrat is luckily no longer an issue, and peace has slowly returned to both Cyrenaica (East) and Tripolitania (West). Fezzan (South-West) still seems to be unsafe because of arms’ trafficking, Gadaffi-supporters and Touregs. Nevertheless, the first overlanders travelled through Libya in mid-January, so we plan to do the same along the coastal route of Tripoli – Homs – Sirte – Bengazi. In the meantime, a few more overlanders have also travelled this route, generally without problems.


We are also dealing with some paperwork, such as international drivers’ licences, cart grises, carnets du passage, letters to certify proper behaviour and the visas for Libya. The first two are readily available at the Dutch ANWB (or your own motor association, such as the British RAC or German ADAC).  The letters certifying our proper behaviour will be used to make applying for visas easier, but we will need them in four languages (English, French, Portuguese and Arabic). At the moment, only an expensive business visa is available for Libya, since tourist visas are probably not yet being granted. In the meantime, we have got in touch with Libya Travel & Tours, whom are very helpful in arranging our trip through Libya.

Land Rover

The Land Rover is almost ready to go. At the moment, we are still working on the roof tent cover, sponsored by PLUS Geurts & Crombach. We also want to add some curtains behind the front seats to stop prying eyes. The new seat covers from Exmoor Trim have been fitted, are very comfortable and look fantastic! We also got the second spare wheel on the roof rack. We hope we haven’t loaded too much onto the roof though, since we’ve also added a roof tent, ammunition cases, a second spare wheel, sand ladders and two jerrycans along the sides. We’ll certainly have to take it easy going around tight corners! For those of you who are interested, you’ll find a few more pictures of the almost-complete Land Rover below.

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6 weeks until departure…


With only 6 weeks to go until departure, it is busy; very busy! We are both writing our theses in order to graduate on time, and must also deal with personal matters (including my company). The Land Rover is almost ready: the winch has been repaired, all the electrics are working and the interior is completed. We are also busy preparing all the paperwork, such as the international drivers licences and the carte gris, and we still have to get a Carnet du Passage from the German motor association. We also have to get our last vaccinations, finish the stickering on the car and do a 4×4 driving course. So, there is plenty to do in these last few days…

But there is also time for relaxation. A drive through a winter scene yields some pretty nice pictures. Photos after the break. Lees meer »

Off-road 4 Kiva

Offroad 4 KivaOn January 13th it was time for “Off-road voor Kiva”, the event organized by the students of Business School Notenboom. The day began with a reception and instruction by the people of Camel Events. We then drove onto the 40 hectare terrain in Bilstain (België) with six Land Rover Discoverys and our Land Rover Defender. The terrain is very challenging with large height differences, deep pools, creeks and loose rocks. Altogether it was a fantastic day, and we really got to know our car a lot better.

More photos after the break. Lees meer »

Expedition preparations part one – Interior


Posted from Kaatsheuvel, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

With only five weeks left until our second, extensive trial run, now is the time to make our Land Rover expedition-ready. To do so, we still have to:

  • Build an efficient, well thought-through interior;
  • Add a steering guard to protect the steering rod;
  • Add aluminium plates to the bonnet so we can stand on top of the car;
  • Fortify the roof rack by welding it and adding shuttered plywood;
  • Attach a sixth wheel to the roof (one spare is not enough);
  • Place a second battery with a split charge system;
  • Test and repair the winch;
  • Add bush wires to the front of the car to prevent branches from hitting the windshield;
  • Organize all of the electronics;
  • Connect the safari lamps;
  • Add a PVC tube along the roof rack to transport long items such as rods;
  • 1001 other large and small tasks! Lees meer »

Stickering our Land Rover


Posted from Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

Today our car got its stickers by the people of Van Mil & Van Mil. The result is stunning. The Land Rover now has our own logo, the logo of our sponsor Business School Notenboom and our charity cause Kiva. If you would like to sponsor us and get a logo on our car, contact us here

Lees meer »

Roof tents – all leak like a sieve?


Posted from Drachten, Friesland, Netherlands.

I recently visited a 4×4 convention for the purpose of choosing a roof tent for my 2012 expedition circumnavigating the African continent. There must have been about ten companies offering two dozen different brands, sizes, materials and accessories. So me and my friend went out to find the right one for us. Lees meer »