The Africa Expedition wants to create awareness of microfinancing through its adventure. It is doing so in collaboration with Wakibi and Kiva.

A beginners guide to helping an African village


Posted from Nyamuswa, Mara, Tanzania.

Many volunteers, NGO workers and others have good intentions about coming to Africa and “fixing” whatever it is they think is wrong. However, along the way, we’ve found that Africans are usually best at both identifying their own needs and finding solutions to help themselves and their communities. One such person is Maximillian Emmanuel Madoro, who lives in the small village of Nyamuswa in Tanzania. He started his organisation, the Zinduka Savings & Credit Cooperative Society, with a vision and two small grants. He now lends money to women in the area to help them set up their own business, expand an existing business or improve their living conditions in a sustainable way. He has combined this small-scale microfinance initiative with two other pillars. Lees meer »

Events Business School Notenboom


Over the past six months, the students of Business School Notenboom have worked hard to organise events to raise money for microfinancing, and in particular Kiva and Wakibi. They have done this as part of their minor event management course, and decided, after some deliberation, to organise a gala, an auction and an offroad challenge.

After a busy six months, all of these events have taken place, and successfully so. We from The Africa Expedition would therefore like to congratulate the students and their supervisors for the fantastic outcome of raising 7532,06 euros for Kiva and Wakibi. We also want to thank Notenboom for collaborating with us.

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Off-road 4 Kiva

Offroad 4 KivaOn January 13th it was time for “Off-road voor Kiva”, the event organized by the students of Business School Notenboom. The day began with a reception and instruction by the people of Camel Events. We then drove onto the 40 hectare terrain in Bilstain (België) with six Land Rover Discoverys and our Land Rover Defender. The terrain is very challenging with large height differences, deep pools, creeks and loose rocks. Altogether it was a fantastic day, and we really got to know our car a lot better.

More photos after the break. Lees meer »

The evolution of micro financing

What happens when 620,000 lenders fund 615,000 entrepreneurs, students and other microfinance borrowers around the world? A beautiful an inspiring movie about Kiva. Tell us what you find interesting about this video by commenting below!

If you want to lend money to an entrepreneur in a developing country, please visit our lending group on Kiva.